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Welcome to Human Appeal, one of the UK’s fastest growing charities. With a presence in 25 countries, spanning Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, we're there to help in times of crisis and we deliver sustainable development programmes in the world’s poorest nations. We've achieved a great deal over the past 25 years and we want to do much more. Read on to find out how you can help us make a difference.

Our work

We've been delivering humanitarian assistance for 25 years, saving lives across the globe. In times of crisis, we access hard to reach places, quickly, delivering aid where it's needed most, whilst our sustainable development projects promote self-sufficient and empowered communities.

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In Aid of Children In Crisis Around The World


Children are the most innocent and most vulnerable members of our society.

1 billion children across the world are living in poverty.22,000 die each day due to poverty. 550,000 are caught in the refugee crisis in Europe alone. Most of these children are from Syria. Some know nothing but the crisis they live in.

Human Appeal are commemorating the 5th anniversary of conflict in Syria, raising vital funds and awareness or not only the children affected by the devastating conflict in Syria, but for children living in destitution across the world.

Saving lives in Syria

Accessing safe hospitals in Syria is difficult, and any that haven't been destroyed are drastically over-crowded, under-funded and lack necessary facilities. This is why we have builtthe Imaan Hospital, which specialises particularly in pre- and post-maternal care, and ensures young, poorly children and their mothers have a safe hospital to be treated.

With no end in sight for the Syrian conflict, we are slowly losing a generation of Syrians. Four million Syrian (and host community) children are currently receiving no education. Many had to flee from their schools, whilst the youngest children may not have ever seen a one, having lived in camps or on-the-move since birth. Our Dir Hassan School project is ensuring that nearly 500 children are provided with high quality education in a safe, secure environment. We are also providing psychological care to these children, to help ease the terrifying experiences they have been through.

Saving lives in Bangladesh

We are also working tirelessly to decrease the high number of infant mortalities at birth and low weight babies in the poverty-stricken Satkhira District, Bangladesh, by providing a community level health centre ward, improving health care facilities and educating mothers about maternal health. We are also improving the nutritional status of mothers in this area to increase the birth weight of their babies when they are born.

We also work in Netrakona district in Bangladesh, where sanitation awareness is poor and leads to dangerous drinking water, which means diseases like cholera can run rife in the community, particularly dangerous for young children. We are in primary schools to educate children and mothers about the importance of good WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) practices, and we are even installing sanitary latrine systems. We are improving WASH education throughout several countries in South East Asia, improving community knowledge for generations to come.

Saving lives in Senegal

In Senegal, at least 50,000 children who are sent to the capital Dakar to work or who have become orphans often find themselves living on the streets. Horrifyingly, their chances of falling into forced child labour, sex trafficking or being recruited by terror groups or gangs are high, and even if they manage to escape exploitation, their quality of basic facilities are poor and dangerous. Human Appeal are making sure that these children are not left to the devices of dangerous people or poverty, and have been working with The Empire of Children to provide a sanctuary for children, where they are provided with food, basic education and medical and psychological support. If possible, we are also working to reunite them with their beloved families.

Thanks to you, we have been able to save the lives of children and families for 25 years.

We are very proud of our projects and couldn't have saved children without our donors.

However, in order to continue saving lives and ensure these projects can continue, we need your support. Can you help us to put a smile back on the face of children Born in Crisis?

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